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Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 (WF4)

Course Description:

Windows Workflow Foundation is Microsoft's .NET implementation of a Workflow authoring and hosting environment. With WF 4.0 the developer can easily author her workflows using the VS2010 built-in WF designer, host them in multiple application environments using the provided runtime engine, and even expose them as services for the outside world to consume. Oh, and it's totally free... In this 1-day course we will learn all of the basics of WF 4.0 from simple activities to custom defined native activities, and from a simple "Hello World" workflow up to an AppFabric hosted Workflow Service.


Eran Stiller Eran Stiller is an expert in Microsoft technologies, and is the Training CTO & Co-Founder of CodeValue. CodeValue is the home of software experts which builds software tools, foundations and products for the software industry. Eran has many years of experience developing C++/Win32 and .NET. He has deep knowledge of WF 4.0 & WCF 4.0, including Workflow Services and AppFabric, and gives lectures in this area. He is highly experienced in technologically leading, architecting and developing software frameworks of various abstraction levels, ranging from low-level applicative frameworks up to fully-fledged distributed system hosts.

Introduction to WF 4.0

  • What are Workflows?
  • What is WF 4.0?
  • What is it good for?

Hello Workflow!

  • Authoring Workflows
  • Hosting Workflows
  • Interacting with Workflows
  • Debugging Workflows

Standard Activities

  • Primitives
  • Control flow
  • Flowchart
  • Transaction management
  • Error handling

Custom User Activities

  • The Activity base class
  • CodeActivity
  • NativeActivity
  • Activity

Workflow Persistence & Tracking

  • What is Workflow Persistence?
  • Extending Workflow Persistence
  • What is Workflow Tracking?
  • Taking advantage of Workflow Tracking

Workflow Services

  • What are Workflows Services?
  • Interacting with WCF services
  • Instance Correlation
  • Hosting in Windows Server AppFabric