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Fullstack Developer
  • At least 3 years of experience in web development . 

  • Experience with JS and JS frameworks: React/ Angular.

  •  At least 2 year hands-on experience in one of the major MVC frameworks.

  • Highly motivated, a quick learner  and a team player.

  • Experience with backend development on  Node.JS or .NET

Front-End Developer
  • At least 3 years of experience in web development . 

  • Experience with JS and JS frameworks: React/ Angular.

  •  At least 2 year hands-on experience in one of the major MVC frameworks.

  • Highly motivated, a quick learner  and a team player.

Monitoring & Analytics Engineer

Technical knowledge:

  • Good understanding of IT systems – operating systems, networking, virtualization, DB, etc.

  • Experience with IT infrastructure monitoring systems

  • Experience with user experience monitoring systems

  • Experience big data systems (e.g. Splunk, Elastic)

  • Experience with building monitoring operations and NOC - advantage

General requirements:

  • 5 years of experience in IT infrastructure & systems

  • Project management skills

  • Able to work under pressure

  • Self and quick learner 

  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills

  • English - High level, both written and verbal

Experienced Software Engineer


  • Talented software engineer, quick learner

  • At least 5 years of software engineering experience

  • Experience with multiple programming languages (C/C#/C++/Java/Python/...)

  • Algorithm R&D / integrating complex algorithms into products

  • Good written and verbal English communication skills

  • Team player with a can-do approach; fun to work with.


  • Augmented Reality / Virtual reality / 3D / Computer vision

  • Unity experience.

  • Game development

  • Development for mobile platforms

Our Cutting Edge Services

Startup Ignition

Our unique incubator program is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs, startups and companies who need a new product developed and launched without the hassle of recruiting, facilitating and managing your own development team.

Professional Services

This service is perfect for organizations that need qualified personnel to complement their existing workforce, allowing your team to dynamically expand according to your project needs.

Consulting Services

Our experts will safely take you hand by hand through the process selecting the right technologies, picking the right tools and using them according to all the best practices, build the software infrastructure and properly design your project/product’s architecture

Our Technologists

At E4D, we’re proud that all our team members are born and bred Israeli’s.  Our mixture of a fun and yet serious work environment is why the team loves coming to the office every day.  They are true professionals with a tremendous work ethic and a strong desire to succeed in any task, big or small.  Our team is famous being superb experts and developers.  What also sets our technologists apart is the all-encompassing experience gained by working on different technologies and projects. 


What we at E4D do to truly make our team unmatched is we make serious investments in our team.   We provide internal courses to ensure all our professionals are always razor-sharp and on technology's bleeding edge. 


Our team is the most craved and most awesome team in the industry!  

Our Story

Since we first started in 2008, E4D has been the leading choice when it comes to providing professional services in personnel and software development solutions.  We are a privately held business that offers findings in native mobile apps, web systems and advanced information systems.

Our services are run by our high quality team of the leading technologists who assumed senior positions in the Israeli hi-tech sector – architects, R&D managers, and consultants for organizations and start-ups.  

Whether it’s training, consulting, development, or quality assurance, we have you covered!
We have over 500 delighted clients and we constantly increase our influence and services to different sectors – financial, government, security, hi-tech, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

E4D operates an independent software house specializing in design, architecture and development of software products and technologies, serving as an innovation center for start-ups, entrepreneurs and business organizations.  This service that we provide our clients gives them a unique and complete ecosystem for pioneering and launching new product ideas without the fuss of actually owning and catering for an entire in house development team.

We also pride ourselves in managing and supporting a community of developers surpassing 30,000.  We annually produces two of the leading technological events for the entire Israeli developer’s community and operates the award winning and highly popular Android community website (

Over 100 iOS/Android native apps developed

80 Angular-based web apps successfully completed

Over 50 hybrid apps delivered

Over 180 websites published

Over 500 happy customers


Taking your digital dreams to extreme




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