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Angular: 1+2 = 4



Angular: 1+2 = 4

It’s no longer a secret that Angular has taken the software industry like a wild fire. It’s no secret that Angular 2 is not compatible with Angular 1. But it is a not widely known that we can upgrade from 1 to 2 pretty painlessly, and even combine the two.

In this course we will delve into Angular 2 and its base languages, ES6 and Typescript. We will learn how to architect and build applications in Angular 2, and equally importantly, how to migrate from 1 to 2.


Actually, Angular 2 is called Angular 4 now. That’s why we will see how, first time in modern history, 1+2=4


Artificial Intelligence is the new buzzword, threatening to take over the world and everyone’s jobs with it. What is it all about? In this course we will learn how to architect and build chatbots and AI applications.

The first day in the course is a quickstart where you dive straight into writing your first chatbot application. We show how to seed an application so we can get stuck in writing code ASAP.  In this quickstart you'll get a 50,000 foot view of the major aspects of chatbots.

Then, we go much deeper into each of these features.


After that, we will receive an introduction to practical machine learning applications, understand what is it good for and see an example in code. We will end with an reinforcement learning, including a code tutorial and example.




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