This course will walk you from the basics of Node.JS into building a real world, advanced application. We believe in learning by doing as a prominent method to internalize the core concepts and gain high skills - when a developer understand how to deal with advanced requirements, taming the basics become a breeze. Consequently, from the very first hour our focus will be on coding in class and dealing with real-world interesting challenges that people meet everyday. In all honesty, you can have it all in 3 days - thus we prefer to sacrifice yet another features and libraries which can be easily grasp using Google and put our guns on the core concepts of Node and the best practices that are critical in large applications. Sure, we will also learn the basics, syntax but as we progress our focus will shift to strategic challenges.


Deep understanding of Node.JS main concepts so that a developer will be capable of making thoughtful decisions in real world applications development. By the end of this course, a participant will be able to craft a real-world web application while following the industry best practices


Main Topics

  • Intro - The world of Node.JS

  • Anatomy of a basic application

  • Under the hood of Node.JS

  • The core programming concepts

  • MongoDB as a loose data store

  • Building a modern web server with Express

  • Coding tools and workflows

  • Designing a large application

  • Hosting Node Professionally



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Yoni Goldberg

Yoni Goldberg is a web architect and developer with great passion for building large-scale cloud applications. In the past 18 years Yoni enjoy building applications with the largest enterprises and prominent startups in Israel. In his spare time he also speaks at conferences and maintaining his blog and Twitter account.

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